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Howl-O-Scream 2017: A Cold Terror Awaits!

This year, Howl-O-Scream Bites right into your fears with scares to make you shiver!

If you haven’t experienced Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens this year, now is your time.  Every weekend until Sunday, October 29th, the park is ready to scare and entertain guests with new additions and returning fan favorites.  This year’s schedule also includes an additional bonus!  The park will be open on two Thursdays (the 19th and 26th) and on select Saturdays (the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the 28th), guests will have until midnight to experience all the event has to offer!

As for me…

I’ve been actively returning to the park since opening day of Howl-O-Scream; making sure to catch up on all the fun opportunities guests can experience.   As always, the park goes above and beyond to bring the ultimate level of fun and creepiness for those willing to be scared.

So what’s new? 

Let’s start with Frostbite.  Located in the Oktoberfest section of the park, Frostbite is a walk-through haunted house that utilizes the interior of the Curse of Darkastle ride.  It was a fantastic choice!  Without revealing major spoilers, I’ll just say that the maze is a very chilling experience; literally.  The AC is kicked on full blast and sets the tone from the first step inside.  Just so you know, “Winter is Coming”.  (Wink…wink to any Game of Thrones fan). 

I sincerely enjoyed the haunted house, with its clever use of the projection screens, sound effects, atmospheric lighting, ghoulish costumes, and a generous use of jump scares.  It was by far, my favorite haunted house this year.

*Also… a cool side note regarding some Busch Gardens History found inside Frostbite:
  • You have to look closely inside the maze, but with a trained eye you can spot the old Neptune statue that was once located in the center of a small fountain in the Rhine River, (way back in the Old Country era).  This statue was also reused in the retired Haunted House, Bitten.  Oh Neptune, how glad I am to see you well. 
  • In addition to Neptune, the lighted Gargoyles holding cauldrons are also found in the maze.  These were originally in the decor of the Enchanted Laboratory, a show that had tremendous success in the old area of Hastings, (currently Ireland).  These gargoyles reappeared in the once popular Howl-O-Scream dinner show, Blood Banquet.  I couldn’t get a clear picture due to low lighting.  Hint: They are near the end of the maze and you have to look up to spot them. 


Moving from Oktoberfest to New France, you’ll find the other fresh addition.  Axe Alley is a new Terror-Tory that replaced last year’s theme of Windigo Woods.  Axe wielding Vikings stalk guests with unexpected battle cries and staged attacks.  The themed area fits well with the nearby coaster, Invadr.  Be warned!  The Windigo still remains chained up… for now!


Last but not least is the new Escape Room, the Case of the Haunted Hotel In the midst of a cursed hotel, this new attraction features a series of puzzles to trick guests and delay the possibility of escape!  Returning is the Case of Mr. Karver; a mad doll maker who wants nothing more than to trick you into staying indefinitely!  To those who played the game of Mr. Karver last year, there is good news.  All the puzzles and challenges have been changed to create a whole new mystery to solve!

If you wish to enjoy The Case of the Haunted Hotel or, The Case of Mr. Karver, there are some things you need to know:

  • Both escape rooms have a separate up charge and are not included with regular admission.  Making a reservation online or immediately upon entering the park is strongly suggested.  Only six guests are allowed in each reserved time slot.  You must be 18 or older with a valid ID.  In order to receive a discount on admission, you must have a valid season pass.  If you are interested in booking a time slot at either Escape Room, more information is found on the Busch Gardens website here:


So what’s back again this year? 

As I mentioned briefly above, the indoor haunted house, Bitten, has been removed.  However, many of the previous Haunted Houses/ Mazes and Terror-Tories have returned.


  • Unearthed: Scarlet’s Revenge (Ireland)
  • Catacombs (New France)
  • Cornered (Oktoberfest)
  • Lumberhack (Oktoberfest)
  • Circo Sinistro (Festa Italia)
  • Deadline (Italy)


  • Ripper Row (England)
  • Demon Street (France)
  • Vampire Point (now located in Oktoberfest)
  • Sideshow Square (Festa Italia)

What about the shows and adult beverages? 

Let’s face it; Busch Gardens Williamsburg is constantly ranked high in theme park shows and entertainment category.  Rightfully so I may add!  Talented singers, actors, musicians, and dancers light up the stage in unforgettable performances all around the park.  Just remember that all the major shows contain suggestive adult overtones.

This year there is a new spin on an old classic.  Night Beats: Revamped features a new stage and story.  Located inside the Festhaus, the show contains a new cast of characters with a quick paced story line that keeps the music going.  I find the show quirky, amusing, and full of current pop songs cleverly mixed in with samples of original Night Beats music.


Side note:  I was sad to see that the old characters of Ulrich and Beatrix have been retired.  However, I do appreciate the little homage by placing their names on tombstones at the top of the stage.  Speaking of, the stage is opened to reveal the location of once beloved German band platform.  If you grew up in the old days of Busch Gardens, seeing the musicians play back in their old stomping grounds will certainly bring back some memories.

If you are a fan of last year’s shows, you needn’t worryMonster Stomp (England), Fiends (Ireland), and the Starfright Orchestra (Italy), have all returned!

And last but not least….

Those who are 21 and over will have plenty of opportunities to find adult beverages at numerous places around the park.  Most locations feature “Spirit Bars” where a host of costumed character actors serve up some spooktacular concoctions to guests.  Since there are so many to choose from, here is a link to the park’s website listings:

  • This list does not include the wine tastings located in France, Germany, New France, and Italy.  The France and Italy wine tasting locations also have themed cocktails!    

Well folks, that’s a wrap!

It is always a pleasure to share my memories with all of you.  I really enjoyed Howl-O-Scream this year and I hope you do too.  Thanks for reading my blog and may you all have a “Wickedly Wonderful” adventure at Howl-O-Scream 2017!   Cheers!



Here is an additional cool place to explore:    A friend of mine, who runs IoMGeek.comdoes an amazing job with theme park reviews and YouTube videos.  He released a park walk-through and I highly recommend watching!  Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe to his channel.

To the Team Members and Park Employees: 
My gratitude extends to all those who have successfully come together to create a highly anticipated attraction each year.   The amount of work transforming the park in such a short period of time always astounds me.
Thank you all so much.  You guys and gals are all top notch!

Howl-O-Scream 2014 is “Cursed” with Thrills and Chills!


The entire park seems more alive and scarier than ever before.  From the park website “The cursed have taken over… and that strange things start happening when you hear the haunting melody.”  Don’t Listen is the warning. If you do listen, they say you will be cursed.  How to lift the curse?  Survive the night of course!

The atmosphere is much more adult oriented and graphic in nature.  Parents really need to understand that most of the little ones will be terrified.  I’m in my mid 30s and I was a shivering mess by the end of the night.  All the décor around the park was more detailed and darker; Wendigo Woods especially.

New France has been changed into a Research Facility tucked away in the forests of Canada.  The Wendigo, or half-beast demonic creature known for Cannibalism was believed to be legend.  However, strange things are happening and terror is lurking all around!  The terror-tory is amazing and New France has never heard so many screams!


The Wedigo is hungry!

Demon Street in Aquitaine has pumped up the volume with a street party atmosphere, complete with chainsaw welding demons!  The bar serves up very potent signature alcoholic beverages that are sure to get the party started!


Let’s get this party started!

Vampire Point returns with more scare actors that hide through the twisting walkways in Rhinefeld Germany.  If you find yourself thirsty for something else besides blood, make sure to reserve your tickets for the ever fun Blood Banquet.  Count Vladtastic is back and the show has really increased in musical numbers and humor!  The show is outdoors so you do not have to purchase a ticket to enjoy the antics of Vlad and crew, but the food is to die for!  Tickets may be purchased at Guest Relations or online.




If you are feeling a bit naughty, head over to Ireland where the sexy nurses would love to give you a shot …. Of Vodka and Jello!  Just like Vampire Point, Ireland also has a ticketed dinner show.  Igor’s Fright Feast is also a buffet and features the character Igor, Swampy, and a team of naughty nurses.  The show is a classic pop music montage of fun and laughs.  The lighthearted humor is a perfect pairing to your dining experience.


We are Family!

Across the way at the Abby Stone Theater, Dr. Freakenstein is back at Fiends!  This year the show focuses on vocal and acting talent of the fabulous performers.  Dr. Freakenstein’s creature is not the only thing alive!  The show is memorizing with moments of hilarity.  The crowd is just as electrified as the creature.



Ports Of Skull is tucked away in San Marco Italy and is haunted by the tortured souls of undead pirates.  Only two have a sense of humor, the rest are the hunt for a new crewmember!  The pirate Barrrrgh and Crows Nest offer specialized food and drink with colorful characters to serve you your poison.  Enter if ye dare!



I saved Ripper Row for last.  It is the first and last terror-tory guests experience at the park.  The ripper is looking to find his next victim, so don’t get lost or it may end up being you!


Speaking of the Ripper, Monster Stomp is a live high-tech musical performance at the Globe Theater.  The show is fantastic!  It takes the classic version of Monster Stomp and multiplies the visuals by 100!  Imagine Monster Stomp meets Sweeny Todd.  It is more of a Broadway style production; the sets, music, dances, and rhythms are extremely well balanced and leave you thirsty for more.  Much like Sweeny Todd, the show is not for the lighthearted.  There will be blood.  Of course, the splatters are perfectly timed to haunting music!


If that isn’t enough, you still have the toe tapping Festhaus show called Night Beats.  Ulrich, along with his shadows of the night, entertain you with powerful vocals and dance.  The set itself has changed along with some of the musical arrangements, but the show is still as awesome as ever!  If you are like me, you will end up singing the musicall night long.  Even now, I am still singing:  “Were running with the shadows of the night. So baby take my hand, it’ll be all right. Surrender all your dreams to me tonight. They’ll come true in the end……”


The six haunted houses: Catacombs, Bitten, Cutthroat Cove, The Root of All Evil, Deadline, and the popular 13: Your Number’s Up have all returned to thrill guests.  I was able to go through Catacombs, Cutthroat Cove, 13 and Deadline.  All of them seemed more intense this year and I’m not sure who was entertained more, me or the people directly behind who witnessed my constant shrieking.

So there you have it.  Howl-O-Scream 2014 has begun scaring and entertaining guests once more!  The innocent sweet sounding tune playing around the park may be pleasing, but Don’t Listen. So will you survive or end up being cursed?


Have fun, stay scared, and don’t find yourself alone in the darkness!     

Special thanks to my friends at Behind the Thrills for allowing me to assist them with Media Coverage this year.  Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Face Book, and Twiiter for the latest news.

Info regarding Howl-Scream, hours, Ticket information, tours, and reservations; visit