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Busch Gardens Live concert series Sailed Away with a Rocking Start!

Let's ROCK!

Let’s ROCK!

Upon hearing that the legendary progressive 70s rock band Styx would be the opening concert series at Busch Gardens this year, I couldn’t have been happier.  I grew up as a roller-skating Rink Rat kid and therefore, the music of Styx was engrained in my head at an early age.  Their music is a part of who I am and my journey in life.  What a joy to finally hear them play live and at Busch Gardens Williamsburg no less! Woot~ mega Score!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  Puffy white clouds sailed away in blue sky above the venue and the quiet breeze kept the temperature just right to rock the night away.   I decided to upgrade and pay a bit more for the reserved seats for me and my husband.  This also included my dinner for the evening and made for an excellent date night. 

Cheers to Styx!

Cheers to Styx!

The seats we found were a few rows from the front-right and without any obstructed view.  Pretty soon the Royal Palace Theater was full of guests and the energy started to grow while up tempo 80s music got the crowd moving.

The crowd is ready.

The crowd is ready.

When the band came out, I was impressed.  Being that most of the 80s bands are returning to the touring circuit, I’ve seen many famous groups return to the stage.  Some bands hold up well and they look and sound amazing.  Others; well… so the story goes.  Styx was a band that fell in the former category. 

Tommy Shaw, guitarist-singer-songwriter for Styx, looked better than he did in the 70s.  I have no idea what diet and exercise regiment the guy is on, but sign me up!  Vocals for the group sounded just as I remembered and it was if I was transported back in time. Classic; timeless and influential to modern music; Styx really did their music justice that night.

Go Tommy!

Go Tommy!

Their setlist had a great balance of their Progressive Rock history with hits such as: Lady, Come Sail Away, Too Much Time on my Hands, and Renegade.  I stood and danced the night away!  Even with the obvious omission of Mr. Roboto, my husband and I had a blast! The fact that such an event was technically free to park guests still astounds me. 

Busch Gardens should be proud to have added such a classic rock band to their roster and I am super excited to see who else will grace the Royal Palace stage in the years ahead!

Now I can hold my head high and proudly say I saw Styx perform live in concert!  Domo Arigato Busch Gardens.  Domo. 


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