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Busch Gardens 40th Anniversary Approaches!


Spring is almost here and so is the opening of Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  The park opened May 16, 1975 to a huge crowd.  This year will be no different.

With a new coaster premier, more additions to the Food & Wine Festival, and a new show in the Festhaus, there will be plenty to draw people of all ages back for another year of fun.

In honor of providing us with 40 years of traditions and wonderful memories, I would like to post an amazing find that Gary Terrell has shared on the BGW Memories Facebook Page.  It is a preview brochure that advertises Busch Gardens in 1974 and features some stunning conceptual art.

This year I look forward to seeing the park evolve and also seeing it reflect on the past history.  40 Years is certainly something to celebrate!

Without further ado~  The brochure.


Front Cover


Front Insert


Back Page


Inside Information

Inside Information


Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption

Close-up of Caption

Close-up of Caption


Close-up of Caption



  1. Mary Will says:

    Will BGW be having summer concerts in 2015?

    • noramarien says:

      Sorry Mary for the late reply. I have been having some medical issues this year. The park’s concert line up was a no-go, but this year at Christmas Town they have a great ice show called “Twas the Night” and they plan on returning a LIVE show at the Royal Palace Theater next year based on the Three Musketeers!! I am so excited. The park is bringing back live shows and if the ice show is any indication on how awesome that will be- I am thrilled!

  2. Connor says:

    That was incredible. People always talk about the charm and magic the park had and I can’t say it’s left. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year with a new roller coaster, 40th anniversary merchandise, a documentary about the park, and Roll out the Barrel! Only 13 days left until Pass Member Preview Day!

  3. teresa says:

    how about some discounts? I would like to bring my family but buying 12 – 15 tickets is to much money.We come every year but our family is growing and we are so disappointed we may not get there this year. My children grew up with you and now it is the grandchildrens turn. Please offer discount coupons.

    • noramarien says:

      Sorry, I am not sure about discounts as I am not affiliated with Busch Gardens. I know the fan page of BGW Cabana does a great job posting family discounts. You can like my Facebook Page of BGW Memories too. If I can- I will be happy to look up and discounts the park may offer from there.

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