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  1. steve jones says:

    i came across your site by searching memories of big bad wolf,you remind me so much of you.i live in notheastern pennsylvania and fell in love with busch gardens and the big bad wolf when i was about 17,iam now 40. i still have tears when i watch videos or read thngs about my dear freind.i didnt think there was to many other people out there like me,but i guess i found one.i drove every year sometimes 3-4 times a year to basically ride the wolf. iveb been on hundredes of coasters of all types and the wolf never left my number 1. i havent been back to the park since a few days before the ride closed,i still find it very hard to make the trip knowing its not there,walking across the bridge and not seeing my freind waiting for me.i have tears as i write to u.please write back.

    • noramarien says:

      Wow! I just read your message. Thanks for such a heartfelt and kind reply to my story. The Big Bad Wolf was loved by so many and I was one, like you, that perhaps loved it more than most. I am glad you call it “a friend” as that is how I see the Wolf and in actuality the Busch Gardens Williamsburg park. Have you been on Verbolten yet? If not, I will say there are several “nods” to our friend and I was pleased that the Wolf’s soul still lingers on.

      You and I will keep it in our hearts and will never forget! Ever. 🙂 So in a way, the Big Bad Wolf will always be with us. Thanks again so much. I am so happy my story reached out and connected with you all the miles apart. Best wishes to you always~ Nora

  2. Kurt Duty says:

    Thanks for your much appreciated thank you for all my videos I made about the Busch gardens Williamsburg brewery tour. SCIONIZER was my old youtube name I used before I started my Kurt’s Place channel on the youtube. I really enjoyed reading all your memories articles as well. Take care.

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